Word Formatting Palette Off Screen

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This is to document having the Word formatting Palette being off screen. At first glance it may appear that you can no longer activate the "floating" formatting palette, when in fact the palette is so far off screen it cannot be seen nor retrieved and placed back where you want it. This seems to affect Word V.x and Word 2004 Mac. I don't know if Word 2008 either suffers from this bug or if the applescript will work. I don't believe the formatting palette existed prior to Word V.x but I might be mistaken. Please correct these statements!


The palette may be completely off screen. This is what is recommended based on a Google search.

Have the Word program open.

The fix is to then go into the APPLICATIONS FOLDER, then open the Applescript folder and launch Script Editor.

Copy and paste this into the window. No extra lines or spaces before or after. (area to paste starts with tell and ends with tell)

tell application "Microsoft Word"
   tell command bar "formatting palette"
       set visible to true
       set {top, left position} to {100, 700}
   end tell
end tell

Click the RUN button.

Go back to the Word application and your palette should be back.

Close the Applescript Editor.