Screen Sharing

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Leopard or greater.

Locate Screen Sharing App

Apple in its infinite wisdom has added this great service to Leopard. They have made it readily available as part of iChat and Finder. However, they have hidden the actual application the does the real work. I not sure why. So I thought I show you where it is and give you a command that would also make it available in your Utilities folder. Dragging it to the dock would also be a good idea if you use it a lot.

  • Location: "/System/Library/CoreServices/Screen"
  • The following terminal command will create an alias in you Utilities folder, where Apple places most other applications like this.
ln -s /System/Library/CoreServices/Screen\ /Applications/Utilities/Screen\
  • Addition Location: "/Applications/Utilities/Screen"

Remove No Encryption Warning

In terminal window type the following;

defaults write dontWarnOnVNCEncryption -bool TRUE

Changing TRUE to FALSE will return warning.