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I research and write the PD CD column in the newsletter each month. I also make the physical CD that you can purchase at the back table at our monthly meetings. The CD's cost $5.00 each (except the archive CD that costs $20.00)

Published every other month, these discs contain the shareware, freeware, and public domain (PD) programs, that are reviewed monthly in the club’s newsletter.

Shareware is defined as programs that you can try out, and if you like them, pay the developer the shareware fee. Often features may be limited until you pay the fee and get the registration code. Freeware is defined as free programs, but retain copyright control by the developer. Public domain is defined as free programs that don’t have any copyright control.

Read the articles in the notebooks to determine the system requirements for each program. Generally OS X is required for the past several years.


  • January-February CD : Available at our February meeting.
  • March-April CD: Available at our April meeting
  • May-June CD: Available at our June meeting
  • July-August CD: Available at our August meeting
  • September-October CD: Available at our October meeting
  • November-December CD: Available at our December meeting.

Why buy these? Save download time, especially for those of you on dial-up. All purchases help support this user group.


I am open to suggestions. Email the SBAMUG group or direct to me at <email> jhpernal@dslextreme.com </email>. Note this is a graphic such that the spamers can't grab it.

However some comments:

  • Don't even suggest copyrighted commercial programs. It is illegal to distribute these.
  • I generally don't include Alpha or Beta versions of programs. These will have bugs and issues.
  • Screen-savers, sounds and the like. There are millions of these out there, and I don't want to second guess what would appeal to people.

Listings Notes:

If the listing text is blue/purple then I've linked the listed program to an internal link on this wiki. This will generally be a review. If you see a box with an arrow pointing out this will be a link to an external website; generally the site of the shareware program. Realize this is a lot of work and will be a slow "work in progress" to add links

Content Listing by month

Current Year (2013):


33rpm.dmg Decibel.zip DGamm623.dmg ForgetMeNot-Installer_1.2.7.pkg.zip
LittleSnitch-3.0.2.dmg mlcc.dmg mjograph-for-osx-4.2.3.zip Mactracker_7.0.1.zip

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