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Our SBAMUG Website

Here is a graphical image of our SBAMUG website. A bit of semantics here, it may be more proper to talk about the server space that we get from Dreamhost, however I use the word website as to not cause confusion to the general reader here. The www.sbamug.com will be referred to as webpages, rather than a website, again the latter may be more technically correct.

Sbamug website.jpg

The big outer box represents the entire website.

  • Members can have their own webpages. This is the User 1, User 2 , etc
  • We have Web applications (largely running under PHP) that exist on our website.
    • There is a Wordpress application that lets members create blogs and lets anyone one the internet see them via our Dreamhost Website
    • There is a Gallery 2 application that lets member upload their Photos for others to see.

I would like to mention that all these items are complementary, and one will choose the best one for what wishes to do. We can have links to and from the Sbamug webpages and our Wiki!

JimP 20:58, 12 October 2008 (UTC)

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