Mailing List Etiquette

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The success of a eMail group/list depends on its members. Everyone should practice common sense and politeness at all times. Guidelines:

  • Do not use an auto-responder. By this, we mean addresses which send out automated replies acknowledging receipt of email.
We just don't care if you are "Out of the Office", and on a bad day I definitely don't want to know about your vacation. Remember that these replies go back to the list and into everybody's inbox.
  • No Test Messages.
Try to avoid messages like "This is a test, please ignore" or "Is anybody There?". If you feel you need to test the system, be original and make it interesting.
  • Keep replies on topic.
Do not use reply to start a different question. Start with a clean eMail message. Some of us use our email threads, and don't want a email about the weather in the middle of a discussion on printers.
  • No Virus warnings. This is not the place.
So many of the notices aren't real, that I won't pay attention to them anyway.
  • No Chain Letters.
Even the the ones that will make me thin, healthy and rich.
  • Do not cross post.
Please do not post the same message to more than one mailing list. It messes up our replies.
  • Choose a reasonable subject line. This allows members to quickly determine if they want to read further.
  • Add value with your posts.
If your post doesn't add to the discussion, don't send it. For instance, don't send "I agree" or "Me too" messages through the list. Likewise, messages which just read "Thanks" should be avoided. Send something like that directly to the person you're thanking. However it is OK to reply that a suggestion worked. Others with similar problems could be interested.
  • Conversations should normally be off list.
If a topic turns into a 2 person conversation that doesn't have general interest, take it off-list. Most of us already get enough email.
  • No Flame Wars.
Please do not berate other members for holding contrary views. If you disagree with someone, fine, but don't resort to personal insults. Be courteous, and please do not post inflamatory messages.
  • No SPAM