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iTunes Summary

Tips courtesy of Claire Rottenberg. Learn more about iTunes with her iTunes 7 in 6 Easy Lessons". For info, go to

To add music or video to iTunes library - Preference setting allows you to choose location for iTunes library (documents folder or elsewhere) and allows you to select format (MP3, WAV, etc.) Music or videos can be added to library by selecting Add to Library or Import or by dragging and dropping to the Library.

Organizing the iTunes library - iTunes begins with folders for Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and Audio books. You can create additional folders and playlists within folders (use the plus sign to create a new folder or playlist). A Smart Playlist is one that changes as you add or remove items that match the criteria for that playlist.

Podcasts - iTunes Store is a convenient place to search for Podcasts that may interest you. Click Subscribe and the latest episode will be downloaded. To add new episodes manually, click Get button next to desired episodes. To update podcasts automatically, use the Preferences pane in iTunes 7 or the Settings button in iTunes 8. To remove a podcast, click Unsubscribe or right-click then delete. Don’t forget to explore the free lectures and courses at iTunes U - available at the iTunes Store.

iPod/iTunes - Connect your iPod to your Mac via the USB cable provided. iTunes will open, the iPod will mount on your desktop and appear in the iTunes source list. Go to iPod Summary/Settings pane and set preferences for syncing: sync only checked songs, manually manage music, etc. To add music, go to Music pane and check Sync Music. Choose Add All Songs or Add Selected Playlists. Then click Apply. Ditto for videos. Never disconnect the iPod while files are being transferred. When syncing is finished, eject the iPod or drag the iPod icon to the trash.