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Applescript: Access iPhoto Pictures

Change Home Folder/Account Name-Leopard

Clear DNS Cache

Create AOL Address in Apple Mail

AOL Service Assistant

Utility to Move AOL stuff to your various Apple Applications.

Create e-mail address in Apple Mail


Backup Flow Chart

Convert Microsoft Publisher Files

This Web site will convert Microsoft Publisher documents into PDF format for free. (Handles the *.pub files that Mac's can't handle directly).

Create PDF's in OSX


IMovie HD

Network: Mac and PC(Windows)

First step is to install Bonjour for Windows on the Windows PC. That will allow them to see/share printers and other things. Also make sure that File sharing and Printer sharing is turned on in all machines.

Print Test Page

Using CUPS. A great way to determine if your printer is working and all ink is available for use.

Remove Mac Classic

The easy way is a clean install of Tiger, Mac OSX.4, or upgrading to Leopard (My personal Favorite..lj). However here is a slightly geek-y way.

Repair Disk Permissions

Reset User Password without Install Disk

Review plist Files

How To provides a script that will verify that your preference files, *.plist, are properly formed. Improperly formed files may indicate corrupted or damaged file that maybe causing you problems.


Web Mail Access


Request SBAMUG Address

Screen Sharing

Wireless Printing

Your presentation