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Photo Galleries'

Getting Started

SBAMUG now has a photo gallery on our website. All SBAMUG members are welcome to "Register", and Upload photos to their own albums.

  • iPhotoToGallery is an iPhoto plugin that simplifies getting photos from iPhoto into the Gallery.

Front Page

Gallery Front Page

Gallery Front Page
  • Select Album or controls in left Side Bar.


To register to get a new account click Register on the upper right corner of the Gallery Front Page.
Gallery Register Page

Gallery Register Page
  • Enter Chosen Username, Real Name, Valid eMail address and Passwords.
  • Sorry about the CaptCha, but we must require it so that only People can Join. You only have to do it at time of registration.
  • Press Register to continue.
  • You will receive eMail from <email></email> containing a link. Clicking that link will complete the registration process.
This step is require to protect us from unknown users putting improper pictures on the site.
  • You should now be registered and able to create Albums.


Gallery Login Page

Gallery Login Page
  • Enter Username and Password and Press 'Login'

Working with Gallery

Export from iPhoto to Gallery

This section assumes that you have already installed iPhotoToGallery on your computer.

How to Add Items

Official Wiki for Gallery

Commenting Help

  • B - Bold -- Start with [b] and end with [/b]
  • i - Itallic -- Start with [i] and end with [/i]
  • list - Numbered List
*item 1
*item 2
  • bullet - Bullet list [*]
  • url - Start with [url=] Title[/url]
  • image - Start with [img=]picture.jpg Title[/img]
  • color - Start with [Color=red] Your Text [/color]
By pressing color, you get a color wheel that will allow you to select a color name or a color number (Example: color=872B2B)
The list of HTML4 keyword color names is: aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white, and yellow.

Desktop Applications

Gallery Remote

Gallery Remote is a desktop application that gives you access to your Gallery. It is a Java Application which requires requires two external and native applications to manipulate images. The reason for this is primarily that the loading large images in the Java VM is not a good idea and so ImageMagick is used to create thumbnails, previews and prepare images for uploading; all in a separate memory space. Bottom Line: You must also install ImageMagick.

Create Private Gallery