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Mac Help Sites

Mac OSX Hints

OSX Help

Apple Support



Instructions and parts for fixing your iPod or Mac

.Mac Status

Mac Open Source Applications Sites

Google Mac Developer Playground

Review Sites


A site containing lists of most Mac Software with some recommendations.


A site containing lists of most Mac Software with some recommendations.

Surfbits: Home of Mac Reviews


A simple list of free Open Source software for the Mac.

Tech News Sites

ars Technica


Mac News Sites

The Unofficial Apple Weblog




Apple Insider

Mac Rumor Sites

Mac Rumors

MacRumors Buyer's Guide

Provide our best guess/recommendations regarding current product cycles, and to provide a summary of currently available rumors for each model.

Daring Fireball

By John Gruber

HTML / Scripting Sites

iTunes Scripts

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes. Free user-contributed AppleScripts for Apple's iTunes that will make maintaining your digital music collection easier and more fun!

HTML Guide/Tutorial

Audiobook Websites

Bob Brooks posted this entry on our e-mail group: “I've posted a step-by-step procedure for importing a set of audiobook CDs into iTunes where you can put them on your iPod.” === Bob's 'How to article' === Bob's e-mail set off a series of e-mails from our members telling of their favorite audiobook websites. I also included some of their comments.

Listed below, in no particular order, are the sites.


Literal Systems


Audiobooks For Free

Many books from which to choose. They are cheap, but not free.


Does have some tough DRM (digital rights mgmt) attached to them.


Get the Sherlock Holmes series. They are terrific. UPDATE: Most of the books I've downloaded from the free sites are read by volunteers and are less than earthshaking. An exception was the Sherlock Holmes series I downloaded from gutenberg a few years ago. I revisited the Sherlock Holmes books and found they are now read by volunteers. A big let down. Maybe there were some copyright problems?

County of Los Angeles Public Library

If you have a County of Los Angeles Public Library Card, then you can check out audio books for free.

You need to download their special software, === Special software download link ===, which allows you to put them on your iPod. The library audiobook expires after 3 weeks.

Problem is the Mac versions aren't as plentiful as the Windows versions.

Non Computer Related- Information/Reference Sites

Here are the sites I mentioned in the Sept 2010 Beginners Group Presentation on Specific Searching

Internet Movie Data Base(imdb)

This is the Internet movie data base. Movies, TV, TV movies, actors etc.

CIA World Factbook

This site has information about all world countries and regions.

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Scholarly Internet Resource Collections ie infomine


Rumor confirm/undetermined/denied site

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